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Multiresistant bacteria are a growing serious threat to society.

Our proprietary platform technology provides a unique, universal and covalently coupled antibacterial coating for prevention of hospital acquired infections associated with the use of medical devices. The CytaCoat technology is active against several clinically relevant bacterial strains including multi drug resistant bacteria such as MRSA and ESBL.


A non toxic coating based on a novel discovery


A stable and non releasing coating


Patent granted in 10 countries

Our solution

Under extreme bacterial challenge the CytaCoat surface completely inhibites bacterial growth.


• Surface chemistry and polymer technology

• Organic chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, microbiology, cell biology

• Biochemistry

• Clinical management, internal and infectious medicine

• Patent

• Finance, sales and business development

Our offer

Both exclusive and non-exclusive licenses to apply our technology on medical devices, together with competence and research expertise covering surface optimisation, testing and evaluation. Collaborative development projects around your company’s need for a functional antibacterial surface, both with respect to product optimisation and clinical tests. We offer, as initial step, to test if our surface technology can be applied to your surface of interest.

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