Vinnova grants


CytaCoat has secured four grants from Vinnova, the Swedish innovation agency, total amount of approximately €750 k. The latest grant was received in March 2020 (€160 k). The idea of the project emerged responding to the need of reducing the incidence of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI), whilst avoiding the prophylactic use of antibiotics. Our antimicrobial coating can be used on a great number of medical devices, providing an additional value by: – impeding the formation of microbial biofilms on the  surface of the device, – having no similarity with existing antibiotics, – preventing the contagion of the patient with HAI – providing a broad antimicrobial spectra (including multi-resistant bacterial strains), – minimizing the use of antibiotics and other drugs in hospital wards, – reducing hospitalization times and resources needed to support additional patients. In this proposal we outline the next steps necessary for launching CytaCoat products on the market. The plan includes process development, development of the coating process for prototype construction of medical devices, utilizing the study results for commercial success.